Maggie Gallagher on gay teen suicides

Maggie Gallagher of NOM has written about the idea that anti-same-sex marriage groups like hers are responsible for all the gay suicides that have been happening lately. She seems to slightly misunderstand the charge: it's not that gay marriage prevents teen suicides, it's that homophobia is what causes them--and no matter how you try to state it, NOM is of the opinion that same-sex relationships are not as good as opposite-sex ones--NOM is part of that homophobia that gay and perceived-to-be-gay teens are surrounded by. There's a nice, reasonable response to her column from The Bilerico Project where they admit that people like NOM aren't directly responsible for gay suicides, but also explain that they are, in fact, part of the problem.

Toward the end of that post, they say:
If Maggie Gallagher is actually concerned with queer youth as she says she is, perhaps she could donate to the Ali Forney Center to help some teens find a place to stay so that they don't have to get caught up in the violence that she knows so much about. Of course she won't, because she's a clown who doesn't really care about much other than advancing her agenda.
So I posted this on NOM's blog:

Maggie, call this blogger's bluff!


Donate to the Ali Forney Center or the Trevor Project, or even just publically state your support for anti-bullying laws.

As you say, "These kids need help, real help." So do something that will actually give them that support.

Think she'll do it?

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Samwise said...

Probably not. Her idea of "support" for queer teens is forcing them into conversion therapy so they can be "cured."