Ignoring People

I saw something this morning that I found very impressive. I'd never seen anything like it in my four years at USC. In fact, I don't think I'd ever seen anything like it in my life. A kid was sitting on a bench reading a book, without looking up at all. The bench in question was Associate's Park, between Bovard and the PE building. For those not familiar with the geography of USC, this is a location typically used for sitting quietly and reading/studying, unlike, say, Hahn Plaza, which is traditionally where enthusiastic people with clipboards and flyers try to stop you and get you to join their party this weekend/religious organization/service organization/volunteer opportunity.

Anyway, this kid is sitting there, reading a book, not looking up at all. Next to him are two people with some sort of small flyers, talking to this kid about how Jesus loves him and quoting something from Genesis. They're just continuing, on and on and on, seemingly completely unaware of the fact that they're absolutely being ignored. I've never seen anything like it before--I've never seen anyone so intent on getting a stranger to believe what they believe. It was really quite amazing.

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Amy said...

One time (recently) a girl came up to me and tricked me into "helping her on a project" and started to read this bullshit pamphlet to me and proceeded to tell me that "the quiz i was studying for isn't as important as God" and that "if she had the cure to cancer, she'd want to spread it around" as if I were rejecting her "cure for cancer".

I left before I punched her in the face. I don't think these people realize that the more they push, the more people they're pushing away. I despise this whole concept and by bothering me, you're not making Christianity any more appealing to me.