Apparently, yes, they are.

In my last post, I told you about a comment I left on the blog for the anti-same-sex-marriage group NOM. It seemed that NOM had deleted it, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. So I posted another comment, which I thought was fair and unoffensive and such. I took a screenshot in case NOM took it down again, and sure enough, when I checked tonight, it was gone.

If NOM doesn't want certain comments on their blog, they certainly have the right to delete or censor any comment they like. But it would be nice if they had a clear set of criteria for what is allowed. Even something as simple as "We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason" would be great, but as far as I can tell, they don't have a policy like that, or any other policy, posted anywhere.

I want to make sure I'm being clear here. It seems like every time something like this catches people's attention, someone mentions the First Amendment, claiming that their Constitutional right to free speech is being violated. This is not a First Amendment issue. I was posting on their blog, which they own, and they have the right to absolutely control the content on it. I just think it would be nice if they explained their rationale. Don't you think?


Jaxon said...

In a way, it kinda is a 1st amendment issue...

its their right to choose what they want said on their website

but still...

Emma said...

They've been censoring my comments a lot, too. I've emailed them repeatedly, and have cut-and-pasted my comments into the emails (where they still say "awaiting moderation" or whatever it is), to ask them why they do this and what it is about these particular comments that were offensive to them, but have never heard back.

It's pretty hypocritical of them to cry foul about us "trampling" their religious and personal freedoms by advocating for marriage equality, and then turn around and delete our speech, even if it is on their own website. And they can't/won't explain why.

I suppose it's to be expected from the likes of NOM, though.

Bob Barnes said...

Hi Tyler. I want to give you a head's up. TC Matthews is NOM's admin on their Facebook pages. Matthews is thought to be a NOM employee or volunteer and an admin on the NOMblogs as well.

Matthews has blurted out many an anti-gay remark, he also routinely asks how does Homosexuality benefit society? That's a question/remark that would make Adolf Eichmann proud. The Nazis often made similar remarks about Jews.

I and a few colleagues attempted an educational campaign on the NOMblog. We posted only positive comments with information to 'correct' the myths that are posted there often. Needless to say, they were deleted. In fact any corrective comment to statements such as gays are pedophiles were deleted. The illusion that gays can't defend the accusations so they must be guilty is used often.

TC Matthew will also post a comment where he asks for a response from a pro-ssmer, then they block the response, making it look like the gays can't answer his question. This happened to Rob Tisinai and two friends of mine.

Tyler, NOM is a small outfit, by and large Brian Brown is well aware of what goes on with the NOM blogs.

Bob Barnes said...

Here's a screen shot of NOM's original FB page sidebar.