I think part of the reason I'm always up late is that I like being alone. When I'm in my room, even though I'm not necessarily doing anything particularly unusual or secretive, I just feel weird that my roommate is there, as if he's watching me. Maybe it's because I'm often watching him, not judging, just curious what he's doing. Usually watching something, but what is he watching? For some reason I often have a desire to know the answer. Out in the living room, late at night after everyone has gone to sleep, is one of the few times I can feel like I'm alone. I keep meaning to spend some time in the "backyard" of Century, particularly since I won't have one next year. Maybe I should also do some studying in one of those closed-off rooms in the library. Or in Doheny somewhere, since Leavey is too bright and everything. I'm just really bad at making plans and sticking to them.

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