New Android game, Scribe: Coming soon!

Remember how I said I would update this blog, like, all the time? Me neither. Anyway, I'm working on a game for Android called Scribe (pdf):
Scribe is a pen and paper game for two players. Nine mini grids together form one super grid. The 19 glyphs of Scribe are listed in the left margin. Draws cannot occur in Scribe. Mark Steere invented Scribe on October 1, 2006.
I've played a sort of "play by email" version of it at superdupergames and I always thought it would be more fun in real time, so I decided to make it my first Android development project. I've already cranked out all the data structures and tricky logic (specifically, the difficult task of figuring out who won a particular mini-grid), so all that's left is the UI. As it's my first Android project, I don't know how long it will take, but my (admittedly rather arbitrary) goal is to have a beta version ready for download by the beginning of August.

If you want to follow along with the development, keep an eye on my github account. (The Scribe project that's up there now is a desktop version, hastily thrown together in Swing, but I couldn't get the github "downloads" feature to work, so you'll have to build it from source, or wait a little while.)

In the meantime, can you prove Mark Steere's claim that ties are impossible?